Starters / Salads / Soups

Mule stewed in white wine 34zł

fennel / white wine / lime / shallot / chili / coriander / grilled focaccia

Greek salad 26zł

green lettuce / Greek cheese / green cucumber / cherry tomato / kalamata olives / red onion / marinated pepper / vinaigrette sauce with lime / bread

Roasted duck ravioli 31zł

truffle foam / orange caviar / carrot and rosehip puree / parsley oil

Sour soup 19zł

smashed potato / horseradish / boiled egg / truffle foam

Beef tartare 29zł

pickled shallots / baked yolk / marinated chanterelles / capers / English mustard mousse / homemade bread

Parsley soup 18zł

chanterelles in butter / ginger foam / edible soil / pumpkin seeds

Caesar salad 28zł

green lettuce / grilled chicken / Grana Padano / Parma ham / Caesar sauce / Pini nuts / rosemary croutons with Garlic

Roasted duck broth 19zł

roasted garlic / ravioli with mushrooms / roasted duck meat in honey with chilli

Prawns salad 32zł

prawns / green lettuce / shallots with garlic in white wine / avocado / cherry tomatoes / green cucumber / kiwi, lime and sesame sauce / compressed white radish / bread

Main dish

Cod 51zł

mint puree / saffron risotto / roasted carrot / pink grapefruit, white wine and chia seeds sauce

Grilled rib eye 72zł

vegetables in rosemary / potato stuffed with smoked bacon / mustard and honey sauce / lettuce in dressing

Corn chicken breast sous vide 34zł

cauliflower puree / green peas / bul gur / parsley pesto / baked cherry tomatoes

Dumplings witch spinach and blue cheese Vegetarian dishes 27zł

roasted chestnut lard / roasted onion puree / yogurt, garlic and mint sauce

Chicken liver 31zł

potato and roasted beetroot cream / breaded onion / peas in butter emulsion / shallot and brandy sauce / parsley oil

Tagiatelle marinara Vegetarian dishes 39zł

seafood / shallots / garlic / tomato sauce / fennel / white wine / chili / lime / lemon

Pork tenderloin stuffed with boletus 41zł

roasted potato puree / baked beetroot slices / carrot cream / shallot, honey and mustard sauce

Falafel Vegetarian dishes 27zł

kimchi / goat cheese mousse / grilled focaccia / roasted capers

Pork chop 39zł

potato puree / fried sauerkraut / smoked bacon / dill

Burger bagel 33zł

bagel roll / pulled beef / baked onion marmalade / cheese, curry and garlic sauce / Whiskey and homemade mayonnaise dip / homemade french fries


Plum in chocolate 19zł

gingerbread sauce / vanilla ice / roasted cocoa foam

Ice cream 18zł

ice cream two flavours / whipped cream / raspberry marmalade / mint

Belgian chocolate mousse 18zł

mango puree / coconut crumble / passion fruit ice cream / fruit caviar / mint

Children’s dishes

Tomato soup 12zł

homemade pasta / cooked carrots

Spaghetti bolognese 19zł

pasta / stewed meat in tomato sauce / cheese

Chicken nuggets 17zł

boiled carrot / potato faces

Homemade french fries 8zł